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Pascal Hamour selects the best TOP OF THE RANGE ORGANIC TEAS from around the world to give you the very best tea experience.

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History of Pascal Hamour

Today, Pascal Hamour represents a tea house par excellence, dedicated to catering for the discerning palates of professionals.

It is a sanctuary where the art of tea is revered and where teams are trained with unrivalled expertise to serve the most demanding customers.

The 6 commitments of Pascal Hamour Paris

Pascal Hamour Paris embodies a commitment to excellence and refinement with our Ecocert-certified organic teas, premium raw materials, innovative biodegradable tea bags, meticulous packaging and a responsible human ecosystem. Our dedication to sustainability, refinement and customer satisfaction sets them apart as a premium tea brand for those seeking an extraordinary tea experience.

The Collection

Discover the essence of luxury with the Pascal Hamour® Signature Collection - a meticulously curated range of 100% organic teas and infusions. From our exclusive silver-bottled flower infusions to the elegant packaging, indulge in the refined artistry and captivating flavours that make Pascal Hamour® teas a true treasure.

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