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The ECOCERT certification

Concerned about contributing to a sustainable development and to innovate,Pascal Hamour offers since 2007 a complete range of organic teas certified by ECOCERT.


Organic farming is a response to the environmental crisis. It respects water resources, soils and biodiversity, maintains yields in the long term, offers products rich in micronutrients and does not release toxic molecules. Energy efficient, it produces less greenhouse gases.

ECOCERT is a control and certification organization, whose activities are supervised by public authorities and ruling legislation.

The ECOCERT trademark is a vector of recognition for professionals wishing to develop higher quality. This is a brand recognized by consumers, who endorse their confidence in a symbol of integrity, cohesion and commitment.

Pascal Hamour engagement to organic farming and sustainable development is voluntary and leads to a reciprocal duty. By meeting the ECOCERT criteria, Pascal HAMOUR gives the consumer a quality and safety guarantee.

Our engagement

We wanted to compose a team of co-workers with different qualifications to surround ourselves with all the necessary skills.
We work to build constructive, creative and professional relationships with all of our partners.

We focus our attention upon our customers, so that we can anticipate, understand and meet their needs.

Our goal is to achieve the highest quality standards for our products and