The consumption of tea and infusion is no longer a fad, but is a real lifestyle synonymous with well-being.


Modern product of high technology, while maintaining its transparency and its exceptional diffusion qualities of aromas during infusion, the nylon bag historically used is replaced by a bag of woven PLA woven in transparent, biodegradable and heat-sealed veil, which offers the guarantee of a 100% natural product. Polylactic acid or PLA, made from corn starch, is the first natural alternative to polyethylene.

The PLA bag has even more advantage than the old product:

  • The texture close to the silk, allows to see perfectly the tea it contains
  • The regularity and fineness of the thread allow the infusion to spread in the cup in an ideal way
  • The method of making and filling this bag makes it possible to condition whole leaf teas and thus to obtain an infusion identical to that provided by bulk teas of equal quality. But especially it seemed inconceivable to put a range of organic tea of such high quality in a bag derived from a non-naturally degradable petroleum derivative.

Transparent and biodegradable (P.L.A) pyramid-shaped bags guarantee a better aromatic development of the plants.

This complete line of infusions and tea comes from organic farming certified by Ecocert.

Discover the full range of teas and infusions from Pascal Hamour :

All our teas thés require aan infusion time of 2 to 3 minutes.
All our infusions require an infusion time of 3 to 7 minutes for 200 to 250 ml of water per sachet.
Packaging: box of 50 bags.

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