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A customer care service and a steady partnership.

Tea should be stored in hermetic and opaque containers to protect it from air and light, in order to keep its aroma, fragrance and flavour. Protected in these organic corn starch tea bags tea can release its full aroma only during tasting.

PASCAL HAMOUR’s talent for creating its products does not stop at recipes, but also involves the packaging and all subsequent services he offers. With the arrival of the corn starch tea bags, the pleasure of taste and the aesthetics of the tea leaf became one! Organic tea bags let the tea leaves infuse freely with an optimal dosage for each cup.

Elegant and practical, the new PASCAL HAMOUR boxes are real “tea cellars” that allows discovering the scents and flavors of our original recipes, and meet the requirements of your most demanding customers.

PASCAL HAMOUR offers a wide range of products and “accessories”, designed, adapted and packaged according to each one of the needs, lifestyles and desires of its customers: tea in bulk, organic corn starch tea bags, “samovar” and a whole variety of suitable packaging for products, tea services, and any other specific requests you may have.

Whatever your specifications and your needs are, please let us know. With our hotel expertise, we will make every effort to help you: advice and training, we will offer you a suitable and customized advice to give you the benefit of a complete service – Breakfast, room service, lunch, dinner, break, tea / coffee, etc. We’ll collaborate with full transparency and we’ll respond to all your requirements.