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Preparing tea

For ages, tea has been prepared in a thousand different ways.


More than three billion tea cups are drunk each year in France! That’s why coffee is about to be replaced .But this number hides different practices :

How do you consume tea?
  • 60% ajoutent du citron
  • 25% ajoutent un nuage de lait ou de miel
  • 32% boivent le thé pur (sucré ou non)
75% des Français prennent du thé en sachet plutôt qu’en vrac
54% le préparent directement dans un mug une tasse ou un bol
When do we consume tea?
  • 30% le matin
  • 60% l’après-midi
  • 10% le soir

To make a good tea, follow some simple rules :

  • Heat up the water without boiling and pour the water over the tea
  • For bulk tea you have to put a tea spoon in the teapot per cup
  • Tea should infuse from 3 to 5 minutes
  • Use soft water
  • Water should be stirred with a spoon before serving

There are many variations and other “tricks” to make tea :

  • Heat the cups and the teapot with water before pouring the tea. This will “prepare” the containers.
  • The North African method of serving tea, raising the teapot high above the cup- releases a very pleasant fragrance, but doesn’t improve the taste of the tea.